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About my Beagles:

In the summer of 2003 my parents finally allow me to have a dog. My mother was privileged to choose a breed. BEAGLE- We didn´t know anything about this breed but I was thinking only about "OH WOW I ll have a dog !!!" So Etosha came to join our family.  Our Lifes are completely changed from the first day she came. I learned how to work with dogs and after months of hard working Me and Etosha won basic Trials. After that I found sport called AGILITY- we spend every weekend on course and it was worth it. Etosha ,  now competes in ELITE CLASS (MA3). in 2008 she represented our country at European Open in Gelsenkirchen, in 2009 she became European beagle winner and won lot of national competitions in Slovakia, Czech Rep. and Austria. She was also very successful show dog, she got  JUNIORCHAMPION and Champion of Slovakia and also Middle - East european junior winner. In 2006 She gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies. One of them is our 2nd beagle MILLIE (Acushla Tricolor dream) she got CAJC but she didn´t enjoy shows, it was very stressful for her . But she is much better in agility. She moved to elite clas after only 8 months of competing ! She also represented Slovakia in Gelsenkirchen (European Open) after only 6 months of competing , sometimes is quite unbelievable how beagles run agility and then they both are fighting for 1st place (One of them is 1st and second one is 2nd - It happened more than 5 times in their career) !!!They both are also very keen on hunting !!!

About Me: My name is Michaela Hučková and I am a student of 4th year at Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University in Brno. I am also agility trainer, and ride a racing horses. After I found page of Czech beagle-Trip club, I tried to do the same in Slovakia and It works! :)