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We do not plan any puppies !!!

Litter A :

28th May 2006 Etosha gave birth 8 cute puppies. It was 1st litter in our Kennel. Father is excellent dog imported to Czech Republic by couple Budkovi from Germany. It is dog with good temperament , great trials results , and excellent exterior. His father
SHAW´ S JOINT VENTURE ( ---click ) is Great dog Imported from U.S.A.!!!
Järve BARO Edler v. Helle Berge ( (Czech Junior champion, Czech champion Poland Champion, CACIB 2x, CAJC 5x, CAC CZ 3x, CAC SK 2x, VDH-CHA 2x, CWC 2x, Res.CACIB 1x, Res. CAC SK 2x, Res.CAC CZ 1x, Res. VDH - CHA 1x, Jugenbester, BOB 3x, BIG 4. 1x, Jugendsieger Wieselburg 2002, Winner of Prague 2002, National winner  2002, 3rd Place Champion of Champions 2002 Trials: BZH I.prize 244points, CACIT, CACT,R.CACT)  From KENNEL " Z Vrbové Lhoty" and " Rapa-Nui"

1st male  ADD ME TO YOU † 5.6.2006
2nd female ASTA LA VISTA Tricolor Dream ( Amy )

3rd female ACUSHLA Tricolor Dream ( Milushka ) -  Very hopeful, Excellent 2nd,1st CAJC


4th male AMOR Tricolor Dream

5th male ALBIN v. KUCHE Tricolor Dream ( Babou )

6th male ALBERTO Tricolor Dream

7th male ABSOLUT BEAGLE Tricolor Dream (Neo)

8th AXL ROSE Tricolor Dream (Woodstock) - Very hopeful, Excellent